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I’m Azurine, welcome!

Howdy. I’m an artist, born in an analog world and matured in a digital one, who studied physics and film, mythology and geology, who got a BS and an MFA, who has shown their professional creative work in venues around the world, who didn’t die that one time, who’s had a dozen different careers, and who finally decided to share their alternative work with the world.

Sharing wasn’t enough though; I wanted to create something bigger. So I built AZART: one piece powered by Ethereum smart contracts, one piece leveraging Github repositories, (one piece in development utilizing web3 integration), and one piece unique to me…me. My goal is to see AZART grow with me as I grow as an artist, my entire life. By dedicating my time and energy to create my work and vowing to only sell it through non-fungible tokens, I will build something special. And with the incredible opportunity that digital tools and the Ethereum network provide, I know I will succeed.

I hope you like my art. I hope you like how I’m going about this. I hope you like supporting artists, and I hope you like seeing investments you make appreciate in value. I’m going to do my best to help you out on that last front, by continuing to make AZART NFTs that represent unique artwork and by gaining more and more exposure. My prices will go up as I continue making work, and my work will continue to be desired, bought, sold, and traded, forever… 

Yeah. You see, I never liked being small, so I built something that’ll be huge. Thanks for reading, now go check out my art!



PS: Check out the ‘About’ page for more info about me, including my exhibition history, awards, and grants.

Some Friendly AZART

Macro Daisy


Fractured Nude… 05

Infrared Outdoor Nude 01 

Website Categories & Navigation

All my published AZART can be seen here, with most recently created work appearing first. You can also browse by different taxonomies: Series, Media, or Spirit. 


I usually make work in series, most of which have self-explanatory names, at least after you see the work alongside the name. Some series may appear light on content, but that might only be because more are yet to be published. Want to know what my plans are? Tweet me @AzurineArt.


I’m an artist who uses a lot of different media for my work. I was a professional photographer, videographer, filmmaker, animator, special effects editor, programmer, writer, designer, producer, printer, welder, carpenter, (and more) at various times over my life, and as of this year, I’m only 1/333 the way through it.


Instead of using the term ‘genre,’ to lump together work of similar theme, I use ‘Spirit” and reference certain Greek Gods due to their associations. While some of the gods and goddesses I use are well known, some aren’t. Following is a list of the AZART Spirits and what they represent.

  • Aletheia – Truth. Sense of genuine or purity of process.
  • Aphrodite – Beauty. Glory in the aesthetic.
  • Apollo – Music and poetry.
  • Chronos – Time. Illustrative of temporal change.
  • Dionysus – Enjoyment. Sensual pleasures.
  • Eros – Passion. Sexuality, Love, Intensity, Life.
  • Hephaestus* – Metalwork.  (*none yet published)
  • Hermes* – Writing / Travel.  (*none yet published)
  • Momus – Mockery. Poking fun at absurdities.
  • Oneiroi – Fantasy. The realm of the imagination and the unconscious.
  • Phrike* – Fear. Unnatural and uncanny. (*none yet published)
  • Terpsichore – Movement. Physical motion of bodies, usually human.
  • Thanatos – Mortality. Referencing the inevitability of death.

Featured Art of the Month

January 2021: ‘Fractured Nude in Pointe Shoes 02‘ for sale for Ξ 0.05