Georgy Voronoy (AZART 00088)


Georgy Voronoy (1868 – 1908) was a Russian mathematician who defined the Voronoi diagram, a way to partition space into regions. Given a set of points, areas closer to one point than any other are collected into a region called a cell. The boundaries of cells describe locations that are equidistant between two or more points.

This animated portrait is made of 30 Voronoi diagrams, each with a different quantity of defined points. Cell color is defined by that cell’s point’s color.

Artist’s note: a few artistic liberties were taken due to the low-quality, public-domain source file and the imprecise nature of these tessellations in raster imagery.

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Artist Royalty: 20% from sales

Filename: GeorgyVoronoyAVP.gif

SHA-256 checksum: 410A0DA2E3B6D656D8B843C7BEF750B657A69FB8AC7846CB21117F4350FC7AFD

Original Dimensions: 1200 x 1600

Tags: animation, math, math art, abstract, monochrome, portrait

Token Creation Date: 10/13/2020


Media: Animation

Spirit: Aletheia

Spirit: Chronos