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AZART 00010

7 editions


Digital composite of original photographs I took of the model known as ‘Ariel.’

Artist’s Comments

This is one of my favorite images of Ariel.


As an experienced erotic model, she exudes both sexuality and sensuality, and the combination of the two poses and images in this piece add to the emotion of her pose. These were separate framings, not croppings of images, and the blank areas in top right and bottom left are actually transparent. Additionally, the colors present are a direct result of the process I used, and I love that the red-hot and cool-blue adds even more to the image.

This isn’t meant to be a ‘standard’ image of any sort. The moment was amazing, and this composite is tribute to it.

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Token Details

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AZART Contract Token ID: 11

Archive: Artist Royalty: 30% from sales Artist Royalty: 10% from sales

Filename: ArielDualityReclined.png

SHA-256 checksum: 6def9fe9884158ab8ab074e233a3e4b0000d1fa5c287ced71bf8c8abfa1211d9

Original Dimensions: 6755 x 4269

Token Creation Date: 10/2/2020 (Transaction Hash)

Contract Details

Name: Azurine Art

Ticker: AZART

Address: 0xe28d2d4f778a2061ac2ae1080c76c4bd0a6f2d3a

Token Standard: ERC-1155 (Read More)

Token Content Storage: 100% decentralized on IPFS (Read More)

Description:  Art by Azurine | visit Azurine is an internationally exhibited filmmaker and photographer who only sells their artwork as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. All work is original, limited edition, and minted under the Azurine Art (Symbol: AZART) collection. Every piece is backed up in a public repository, is posted on twitter for exposure, and is posted to for search and sorting.



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Automated web3-enabled print-on-demand solutions don’t exist yet. Someday, technology will catch up to the NFT art space, and I hope to be able to let visitors log in with their wallets and access additional content and services through the site, like ordering prints and downloading files of NFTs they own.

Until then, I want to make the owners of my NFTs as happy as possible by allowing them to download the full-resolution file(s), provided that the following terms and conditions are understood, respected, and adhered to.


File Access Terms:

  • The NFT content and full-resolution file(s) (‘assets’) are copyrighted material and are protected by laws of the United States of America.
  • Only the owners of Ethereum accounts that have purchased this NFT are granted permission to download the assets related to this NFT.
  • Download of the assets by a non-owner is prohibited, and therefor ‘remixing/modifying’ assets by a non-owner for any use is prohibited.
  • No commercial rights are transferred with the assets, and they are not to be resold or distrubuted in any format, material, or size.
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Part of the “Neo Cubism” Series


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