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PXXL08 (AZART 00039)


Digital painting of original erotic photograph of friend(s)/lover(s) who posed/played for/with me. The image attached to the token is a screenshot including grid lines, but the actual art doesn’t have those lines (they’re included here to make pirating of the work more difficult). Note that prints of this piece lack the grid lines and can be made at any size at full quality.

Prints: Only current and past owner addresses have the option to purchase an archival print. More info at



Artist Royalty: 20% from sales

Filename: PXXL08.png

SHA-256 checksum: 4C319CED137CDEF2F284E701E405B24F4F6C16267F1E0D295DCD205704E7C19D

Original Dimensions: 20×30

Tags: pixel art, nude, model, private, erotic, digital painting

Token Creation Date: 10/5/2020


Media: Digital Painting

Spirit: Eros