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Jewel de Marian (AZART 00099)


Jean-Jacques d’Ortous de Mairan—a French geophysicist, astronomer, and chronobiologist—observed the nebulosity around a star near the Orion Nebula in 1731.

This was later named De Mairan’s Nebula and was designated M43. It sits along a great lane of dark debris at the edge of the Orion Nebula.

Nude and portrait photography incorporated in this piece are original. Space telescope images incorporated in this piece are in the public domain, courtesy of NASA and the European Space Agency.

Token Content:


Artist Royalty: 30% from sales

Filename: JewelDeMairan.png

SHA-256 checksum: D98C2E521C06C6EA9F7B7F737A6CACF3CC4D34EA4BFAE0FD5570B9B4187D305E

Original Dimensions: 9000 x 6600

Tags: Space, mythology, color, nude, model, portrait, photography

Token Creation Date: 10/23/2020


Media: Digital Composite

Spirit: Oneiroi