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Artemis and Orion (AZART 00101)


Artemis—goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and childbirth—hunted alongside Orion, the most handsome of the Earth-born. Orion was killed, but thanks to Artemis’s pleas, he was raised to become a constellation.

The famous Orion Nebula is the closest center of massive star birth to Earth, visible to the naked eye as the middle ‘star’ in Orion’s sword. Artemis’s body is adorned with the ancient stars of Omega Centauri, Milky Way’s largest and brightest cluster.

Nude and portrait photography incorporated in this piece are original. Space telescope images incorporated in this piece are in the public domain, courtesy of NASA and the European Space Agency.

Token Content:


Artist Royalty: 30% from sales

Filename: ArtemisAndOrion.png

SHA-256 checksum: 4DC2A682CDC4A4782EC26F6DEDAF62A4F82CA39F00713179A083C378F59D075C

Original Dimensions: 6000 x 9000

Tags: Space, mythology, color, nude, model, portrait, photography

Token Creation Date: 10/25/2020


Media: Digital Composite

Spirit: Oneiroi