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Chiron’s Cool Tie (AZART 00102)


Most Centaurs were brutes—wild, lusty, and violent delinquents. Chiron in contrast was intelligent, civilized, and held to be the superlative among the centaurs. I like to imagine him as a cool dude wearing a bow tie.

The Boomerang Nebula is located 5,000 light years away in the constellation Centaurus. When a low to medium-mass star burns all of its hydrogen fuel, it may start fusing helium. This is a very unstable process and the outer layers of the star can be ejected to eventually form a planetary nebula. This process is ongoing in the Boomerang Nebula, where its gas is ejecting from the star at 164 km/s. It is expanding so fast that this is actually the coolest place ever observed naturally, at 1 degree Kelvin.

Nude and portrait photography incorporated in this piece are original. Space telescope images incorporated in this piece are in the public domain, courtesy of NASA and the European Space Agency.

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Artist Royalty: 30% from sales

Filename: ChironsCoolTie.png

SHA-256 checksum: 50866F756FD564A4D55AB698297579ABAB34EACDF3556D576D8E84B50A3F2D0C

Original Dimensions: 7200 x 7200

Tags: Space, mythology, color, nude, model, portrait, photography

Token Creation Date: 10/25/2020


Media: Digital Composite

Spirit: Oneiroi