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Soul of the Water Bearer (AZART 00106)


Ganymede was born mortal but was rewarded with immortality to be the cup-bearer to the gods of Olympus. Later Ganymede was raised to the heavens to become the constellation Aquarius.

Socrates suggested in Plato’s dialogues that Zeus loved Ganymede’s beautiful psyche or soul. In this image, Ganymede is presented with Messier 72, a globular star cluster that lies 53,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Aquarius.

Nude and portrait photography incorporated in this piece are original. Space telescope images incorporated in this piece are in the public domain, courtesy of NASA and the European Space Agency.

Token Content:


Artist Royalty: 30% from sales

Filename: SoulOfTheWaterBearer.png

SHA-256 checksum: 9469010A675D181F7AC38156D2A3D6F4B6F3A02B1AA354C3A438B49204F8895A

Original Dimensions: 10800 x 10800

Tags: Space, mythology, color, nude, model, portrait, photography

Token Creation Date: 10/28/2020


Media: Digital Composite

Spirit: Oneiroi