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AZART #00123



The essence of Yin, in green.

High-resolution image (30,000 x 30,000 pixels):


Media: Digital Composite

Spirit: Eros

Spirit: Phanes

Artist’s Comments

The Green Yin Mandala is inspired by a lush valley, filled with plant-life and the sounds of a stream.

This mandala series is inspired by the duality of Yin and Yang: the opposing but complementary forces, aspects, and energies present in the world.

Each image is created from a single, original photograph that resonated with the artist as a representative of Yin or Yang, in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet.

Detail Images

Additional NFT Information

Token Details

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AZA2 Contract Token ID: 4

Editions Minted: 1

Metadata & Content Storage: Fixed, On-Chain (Arweave)

On-Chain Archive:

Off-Chain Mirror: Artist Royalty: 10% from sales

SHA-256 checksum: 896C8F1DE5FB1C748A1B4CA2FA94BCEEDE351C8F697B20856D57B64D0A7CFD9D

Token Creation:

Contract Details

Name: Azurine Art 2.0

Ticker: AZA2

Address: 0xb05e79dbce94b0190a21cd2e733a0e2b187f4d63

Token Standard: ERC-721



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Part of the “Yin and Yang Mandala” Series