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If it’s not an AZART Token, it’s not an Azurine Art Original.

THIS SITE CONTAINS ARTISTIC ADULT IMAGERY AND MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AUDIENCES. Continued use of this site affirms that you want to see this content and that it is legal for you to do so.

I’m Azurine, an artist, born in an analog world, who studied physics and film, who got a BS and an MFA, who has shown their traditional work in venues around the world, who didn’t die that one time, who’s had a dozen different careers, and who finally decided to share their alternative work with the digital world.

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You can browse Azurine Art in three ways: by Series, by Media, or by Spirit.


I make work in series. Some may appear light on content, but that might only be because more are yet to be published.


I’m an artist who uses a lot of different media for my work. I was a professional photographer, videographer, filmmaker, animator, special effects editor, programmer, writer, designer, producer, printer, welder, carpenter, (and more) at various times over my life.


Instead of using the term ‘genre,’ to lump together work of similar theme, I use ‘Spirit” and reference certain Greek Gods due to their associations. While some of the gods and goddesses I use are well known, some aren’t. Following is a list of the AZART Spirits and what they represent.

  • Aletheia – Truth. Sense of genuine or purity of process.
  • Oneiroi – Fantasy. Beyond the scope of reality.
  • Chronos – Time. Illustrative of temporal change.
  • Terpsichore – Movement. The physical motion of bodies, usually human.
  • Aphrodite – Beauty. Glory in the aesthetic.
  • Phrike – Fear. Unnatural and uncanny.
  • Eros – Passion. Sexuality, Love, Intensity, Life.
  • Thanatos – Mortality. Referencing the inevitable.