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Azurine Art Prints

Automatic Ordering System in Development

Each token represents a piece of art that I, (the artist), intend to make available as a print/physical object. By integrating a photo-printing service and web3 on this site, this can be completely automated. Unfortunately, because this sort of automated system doesn’t exist yet, it’s really hard for a non-programmer like me to create from scratch. But I’m as dedicated as I’m stubborn, so never fear!

In the meantime, if you’re an owner and would like to have me print and ship a copy for you at cost (meaning I take no profit), I will do that for you because I appreciate your investment into my art. You just have to contact me (Twitter: @AzurineArt or Discord: Matto#7777) and we can discuss. I know it’s not a perfect solution, but it’s the least I can do.

Also note: owners can download the raw files to print themselves.


On each AZART page on this website, there’s an ‘Owners’ section. There, you can see the current owners and the simple terms one must agree with in order to download the file.

With these files, prints can be ordered on demand through professional photo labs like Bayphoto, White House Custom Color, or LOKTAH.

If you have any questions about printing a particular piece, please do not hesitate to contact Azurine (AKA Matto) on social media.

Official Social Media Accounts

Github, Model Mayhem: @Azurine

Twitter, Reddit: @AzurineArt

Discord: @Matto#7777 (nickname @Azurine)

Can you help build a web3 print-ordering system?

If you have the skills or knowledge required to build something like this, please reach out to me. I’d love to create an open-source toolkit for other artists. I feel like we have to work together to achieve great, groudbreaking things, so…wanna work together?

I’m a noob programmer but I’m serious about making this happen. I just might surprise you with my ability, but I need your help!

You know how to reach me. -Matto